Git on Google Drive
Git on Google Drive

Google Drive is a Cloud-based storage service. For individual accounts, users get 15 GB of free storage. It is Ok to store a project on Google Drive. However, packing the whole project as a zip file and uploading it to Google Drive is not a good idea for a frequent changing project.

For git users, there are many options for storing remote repository: Github, Bitbucket… Google Drive is also one of them. But how? This post show you how to do that.


  • A Google account with enough space on Drive. Of course.
  • Windows or Mac with Drive File Stream installed. Drive File Stream is now support for individual accounts. You can refer here. (Linux with a Google Drive Fuse File System might be Ok. But I didn’t try yet)
  • Git installed.

Performing steps

  • Mount Google Drive to your computer (by logging in into Drive File Stream)
  • Open shell/cmd
  • Change the working directory to a folder on Google Drive. (This folder will be the location of your remote repositories)
  • Create a bare git repository. (This will be remote reopository)
  • Add remoterepository to your local repository and treat it as others remote repository.
create a bare repository
create a bare repository
push to remote repository
push to remote repository


This is a convenient method to hosting your project on cloud storage with only one collaborator (you). If you are working with other collaborator (s), you might encounter version conflicts. So, be aware if you are intenting to use this method.