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Topic 1 – Knocking it Out of the Park

Slow Speech – Topic 1 – Knocking it Out of the Park
Native Speech – Topic 1 – Knocking It Out of the Park

Colin, do you want to finish our marketing presentation this afternoon?
That’s a good idea, actually. Are you free to talk about it now?
Sure. I’m really worried about it.
Will be fine. Everyone is interested in what we have to say.
That’s a good point. But can I ask you one thing?
Go ahead.
What is our marketing plan again?
What? I’m confused. I thought you knew.
I’m confused, too, because I thought you knew. Oh, No.
Okay. Don’t panic. We’re going to be fine.
I’m panicking a little bit. We need to make a polished and exciting marketing plan in one day.
And we need to make a thrilling presentation. If our presentation is boring, we’re going to get fired.
That’s so true. Oh, No. Here comes the boss.
Look relaxed.
I can’t look relaxed when I feel so stressed. Hi.
You too. I’m looking forward to seeing your presentation. Do you need any support from it?
Nope. We’re all set.
Great to hear. I think our entire quarter comes down to your marketing plan, and everyone feels the same way. I hope you guys knock it out of the Park this afternoon.
This afternoon
Oh, we decided to move it up a bit. I hope you don’t mind.
Nope. No problem at all.

Topic 2 – Not Management Material

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – Not “Management Material”
Native Speech – Topic 2 – Not Management Material

You son are an idiot, said the manager to the manager. You’re fired and you, Sir. R and idiom said the manager, you can’t fire me. I quit. If only we could all be as quick-witted as Steve Martin’s close in The Pink Panther.
When it comes to our managers at work, I have no doubt that being a manager is a tough job. It’s a balancing Act. How does a leader motivate employees to do their work best and still maintain professional boundaries and mutual respect? For example, my new manager is a nice guy, but instead of allowing me the time and space I need to do my job, he’s constantly in my face trying to micromanage everything I do. To be honest, I’d like to smash him in the face with a frying pan, but all I have is a lousy stapler on my desk, so I’m trying to figure out how I can staple his mouth shut before he comes back to Hover again.
I know he’s under a lot of pressure. He has to report to his boss the same way I have to report to him, but he got up and started grilling me about a report that wasn’t even due for three weeks. I couldn’t believe it. My head started spinning and I’m pretty sure my eyes were bulging out of my head, too. I’ve never really thought about this before, but I know I need to make some sacrifices if I want to move up in the world.
There’s no doubt in my mind that I can or that I will. But one thing I know for sure is when I do, I want to be a friend to my colleagues, not a bossy one either. I really feel bad for this guy’s. Dog.

Topic 3 – Office Gossip, It’s Not All Bad

Slow Speech -Topic 3 – Office Gossip, It_s Not All Bad
Native Speech – Topic 3 – Office Gossip It_s Not All Bad

Is it gossip or authentic assessment? It’s true no one likes a gossiper, but research shows that the rumor mill is a good place for parsing out information, especially if the rumor mill is your place of work. Informal communication that can help spread information more quickly than formal channels of communication, like company emails or staff meetings, can be beneficial. I’m sure everybody has experienced this firsthand, a manager makes an important announcement, only to find out that half the company already knew about it.
More likely many knew even before he did.
While gossip is frustrating and fraught with negative consequences, it’s also a sign of what companies care about. So yes, pay attention, but always consider your source. Ask yourself, What is the motivation behind the information given? Is it just a disgruntled co-worker who’s mean or is the water cooler talk? Your hearing a legendary story that offers valuable insight for navigating your life.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – Knocking it out fo the Park
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – Not management Material
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – Office Gossip

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