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Topic 1 – The World Tour

Slow Speech – Topic 1 – The World Tour
Native Speech – Topic 1 – The World Tour

All right, Let’s do this. Let’s plan our world tour.
World tour? Really? Aren’t you getting a little ahead of yourself? Charlotte and Daisy don’t even have passports.
Okay, so the first stop is the post office. Do you know where their birth certificates are?
Yes, dear. They’re downstairs. And after the post office?
Probably the travel agency.
Don’t be silly. We can just book all the tickets online. But where should we go?
Well, seeing Europe would be neat. We could visit our ancestor’s homeland.
But is it safe? I’d rather go to Asia so our kids can see a totally different culture. We could go to Mongolia and camp in the remote wilderness. That would really open our kid’s eyes to the world.
You think that’s safer than a little cafe in Paris?
Oh, don’t worry so much. It’ll be fine. Anyway, I’ve already booked the tickets.
Come on, Let’s go get those passports. Mongolia awaits us.

Topic 2 – Can I Upgrade, Please

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – Can I Upgrade, Please
Native Speech – Topic 2 – Can I Upgrade, Please

Good morning.
This is Michelle speaking. How may I help you today?
Hi, Michelle. This is Fred Parker. I’ve just checked into room 13 and I’m already feeling a little unlucky.
Oh, well, Mister Parker, what seems to be the problem?
Well, the air conditioner isn’t working and the rooms are quite hot. Oh.
I’m so sorry to hear that, Sir. I’ll send someone up immediately.
I would appreciate that we’re about to head to the pool, but we’ll be back in an hour.
I’ll get right on it, Mr. Parker.
Thanks, Michelle. Oh, wait, wait. Michelle.
Yes, Sir.
Dad. Dad, the toilet is overflowing. Also, my son just told me that the toilet is overflowing.
I am so sorry. I’ll make sure everything’s fixed before you return from the pool.
Thank you.
Of course. Is there anything else I can help you?
Yes. We were really hoping to have a sea view, but our window is overlooking the parking lot.
I understand. Currently, the only room with a sea view that’s available is a Suite.
I don’t mind upgrading.
Okay, it will be available in an hour. Would you like us to move your things there while you enjoy the pool?
Yes, please do. Thank you, Michelle.
My pleasure. It’s the least we can do for your troubles today.

Topic 3 – Topic 3 – A Tropical Hideaway

Slow Speech – Topic 3 – A Tropical Hideaway
Native Speech – Topic 3 – A Tropical Hideaway

There I was taking a long-overdue holiday, staying in a luxurious hotel with a picturesque landscape spanning every direction from my balcony, and all I could focus on was the trash-filled, Rocky Beach below. I felt like such a snob, but it made me feel bad for the environment and for me. This was not what I’d planned for my once-a-year vacation. I asked the receptionist if there was another Beach nearby. That was better.
That’s when she told me there was, in fact, a beautiful beach, but it was difficult to reach. Well, I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so I got directions, rented a bike, and started cruising the coast. Turns out the receptionist was right. If not for the lush tropical scenery and a convenience store for replenishing food and water. On my way, this would have been the bicycle ride from hell.
I was determined to reach my destination, though, and it was worth it. Just as the Sun was setting, the Beach came into view. Sunlight danced across the sea, and the grains of sand glistened like white crystals. It was calling my name, so I leaned my bike against a palm tree and walked to the water’s edge, dipping my toes into the clear, cool water. I sat on the shore.
I watched the Sun as it fell off the edge of the horizon, and a Crescent moon appeared from behind the shadows. It was breathtaking, and I was in awe.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – The world tour
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – Can I upgrade, Please
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – A Tropical Hideaway.

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