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Luyện nghe tiếng anh với chủ đề Renting and shopping.

Topic 1 – Apartment Hunting

Slow Speech – Topic 1 – Apartment Hunting
Native Speech – topic 1 – Apartment Hunting

This is the living room. It has a nice view of the Park from that window.
How nice. Our cats would love it. Oh, by the way, our pets are allowed, of course.
But you need to pay an extra fee of 50 dollars per month. That sounds doable. Is the neighborhood safe? There is some crime in the park, but nothing serious. Would you like to see the bedrooms?
Yes, please.
Let’s go upstairs then. This is the master bedroom with its own bathroom. It’s cozy and this is the second bedroom. You could also use it as a home office.
Where is the second bathroom?
It’s downstairs. And how much is the rent? It’s 800 dollars a month plus 50 dollars. If you have a pet. Sounds good. Let’s sign the lease.
Okay. My purse is like an onion opening. It makes me cry.

Topic 2 – The Super Shopper

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – The Super Shopper
Native Speech – Topic 2 – The Super Shopper

Your total will be 72. How would you like to pay that’s? More than I expected. How much is that fancy jelly? The organic jelly is 16 dollars.
Oh, no, my daughter likes it, but that’s too much. I’ll have to put that back. That’s actually on sale. Now buy one, get 1 half off. Would you like to do that?
Well, 16 dollars is a little steep for one, but 24 dollars for two might be worth it. So your new total is 80 dollars and I have some coupons. Would you like to use all of those? Yes. So your new total is one dollar.
How would you like to pay cash or credit? Cash, please.

Topic 3 – What’s your style

Slow Speech -Topic 3 – What’s Your Style
Native Speech – Topic 3 – What_s Your Style

Oh, my gosh. Look at this outfit. Isn’t it great? Maybe for a guy, but not girls? What’s wrong?
You don’t like the tomboy look, I like the tomboy. Look like how? I like fast food. And I don’t eat fast food. It’s trendy, but I think women should dress like women.
I respect that. I think it’s fun and cool to be a little different. Sometimes some guys like it too. You’re right, but my shoulders are too wide to pull it off. I look like a Man.
No, I wish I had your shoulders anyway. Do you want to go shopping? Yes. Maybe I’ll try on some tomboyish stuff. Who knows?
I might like it. It sounds like someone is going to have a whole new style.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – Apartment Hunting
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – The Super Shopper
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – What’s your Style

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