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Luyện nghe tiếng anh với chủ đề Future goal.

Topic 1 – What Are You Planning

Slow Speech – Topic 1 – What Are You Planning
Native Speech – Topic 1 – What Are You Planning

Excuse me, Sir.
Sir? Excuse me.
Oh, sorry, paul, I didn’t hear you. I’m reading about anti-gravity and. Well, it’s really hard to put it down. What can I help you with?
I’d like to ask you some questions and get your opinion about my final research project. Okay.
Have you decided what you’re doing it on yet?
To be honest, professor, I’m torn between doing something on the banking industry or the hospitality industry.
Oh, well, those are two very different things. Have you thought about your long and short-term goals?
Well, my short-term goal is to work at a Bank and go to graduate school. But long term, I want to open up my own hotel.
What do you want to study in graduate school?
Hospitality management? Of course.
Of course. Why do you want to work at a bank?
I can learn how to save money.
You wanna work at a Bank to learn how to save money? How do you plan on paying for grad school?
Ah, I hadn’t thought about that. I guess I’ll have to take out some loans.
You want to work at a Bank to save money to eventually go to graduate school where you’ll study? Hospitality management. Your ultimate goal.
So what if you look for a job in the hospitality industry instead? The starting pay will be comparable to that of a Bank. You can learn how to save money that way and use the Bank to keep it.
Wow, that makes a lot of sense, actually.
That’s why they pay me the big bucks, Paul.
Thanks, Professor.
Now, back to your research project. You can come to see me anytime. My doors always open.
We’ll do. Oh, and someday when I do open my own hotel, be sure to mention my name. I’ll make sure you get a good discount.
Thanks, Paul. That’s quite hospitable of you.

Topic 2 – Time Management

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – Time Management
Native Speech – Topic 2 – Time Management

I have really been struggling with time management lately. It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Constantly racing, I spread myself too thin, doing nothing. Well, then I feel completely overwhelmed. I’m like a Jack of all trades and a master of None.
A good friend once suggested that I keep a calendar. I had always been reluctant because it was one more thing on my to-do list and one more thing to carry around. But then she showed me how to use the calendar on my phone. I can actually add alerts to it, so they go off accordingly, reminding me to stop what I’m doing and move on. It’s the best thing ever.
I never had the patience to set it up till now or even to use an old-fashioned calendar because I was constantly racing against the clock, but it was worth taking a little extra time to plan. It actually saves me tons of time because I’m more efficient now and arranging and prioritizing all the things I have to do and all the things I want to do makes me feel so much happier and in control of my choices and my productivity. For instance, I know that Mondays are usually really hectic at work, so I put workout on my calendar every Monday morning because I generally work late.
On the other hand, Wednesdays are usually light work days, so I leave Tuesday nights open to hang out with friends. I also block off several hours on the weekends to work on my true passion.
Painting. That’s when it’s really important to use my calendar, though, because I can paint all day every day without stopping. Even though painting is my passion, I am always more energized and inspired. If I set an alert to stop and take a break. Oops, that’s my calendar alert.
I have to stop writing and move on, but I’ll be back.

Topic 3 – The Obstacle in our Path

Slow Speech -Topic 3 – The Obstacle in our Path
Native Speech – Topic 3 – The Obstacle in Our Path

Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy, very kind King who worried about the future expectations of his Kingdom. Concerned about the ambitions of his courtiers, he placed a big Boulder in the middle of the road leading to the Palace. Curious to see what this roadblock would do to their days journeys, he hit nearby to see if anyone would stop to remove the obstacle from the road. The first people to stumble upon it were some of the King’s richest merchants. But instead of moving the boulder, they walked around it.
A few even laughed, blaming the King for not maintaining the roads properly. Not one of them, however, attempted to move it, making it easier for those who would surely stumble upon it later. Finally, a peasant whose arms were burdened with heavy vegetables that would later become part of the King’s feast came upon the obstacle in his path. Putting his vegetables gently to the side of the road, he made a Noble attempt to remove it. It was an extraordinary achievement for any man, let alone this one, and his weariness showed.
Gathering up the King’s feast, he continued on his way. When he saw a satchel in the road where the Boulder had been covered in dirt, he wiped it clean and looked inside. Blinded by the brilliance of something shiny, he found out it was stuffed with gold coins and a note from the King that read, To the man who doth pass on a Golden opportunity. He has lost his way in the world. To the man who has helped to improve the human condition.
The riches of the Kingdom will be yours forever. More love the King.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – What are you Planning
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – Time Management
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – The Obstacle in our Path

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