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Topic 1 – I Have a Bit of a Sweet Tooth

Slow Speech – Topic 1 – I Have a Bit of a Sweet Tooth
Native Speech- Topic 1 – I Have a Bit of a Sweet Tooth

Hi. Welcome to Mario’s Italian Restaurant. Would you like some time to look over the menu?
No, thanks. We already know what we’d like. Could we start with some appetizers for the table, please?
Of course. Today’s special is garlic bread. Would you like that?
Yes, please. Do you think one portion is enough for everyone?
It should be if you’d like, you could also get a salad to share.
That’s a good idea, but I’m worried that’s too much. We all want to order a main dish as well.
How do you feel about ordering a few family-style dishes? If it’s too much, you can take it home.
I hadn’t thought of that. What do you all think? Does it sound like enough?
And if you’re still hungry, you can always order dessert. We have our famous cheesecake today.
Oh, No. I shouldn’t eat anything too sweet. I’m watching my weight.
A little cake never hurt anyone.
You’re right. Actually, Let’s start with dessert. I’ll have one cheesecake, please.
Sorry. Do you mean one slice?
No, the whole thing.

Topic 2 – Home Cooking

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – Home Cooking
Native Speech- Topic 2 – Home Cooking

Where are you going?
We’re about to have dinner.
Sorry, I’d like to stay, mom, but I have plans with a friend tonight.
Well, you should at least eat a little before you go.
Actually, we’re going to work over dinner. Thanks, though.
Oh, where are you going?
We’re meeting at Mick Burgers Burgers again.
You’ve been eating fast food way too often. You know, it’s not good for you.
I know it’s not good for me, but it tastes so good. Nothing can compare to a mic burger. Mom, I like your food too.
Well, no offense to you, but you’re beginning to look like a mic burger. If you eat junk food all the time, you will need to exercise more.
Mom, really?
When’s the last time you ate a vegetable burger?
Have vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes. You know, French fries are potatoes and they’re sort of healthy too. You should try it, Mom. I bet you would like it.
No, thanks. All the salt and fat they use is bad for my skin.
How would you know if you’ve never had it?
Because I can see it on you. Now, Let’s go eat and tell your friend to come here. Okay.

Topic 3 – Easy as Pie

Slow Speech -Topic 3 – Easy as Pie
Native Speech – Topic 3 – Easy as Pie

Well, that was a disaster. It turns out that ordering out is a lot easier than cooking at home, and cooking is much more difficult than it looks in videos. I wanted to make a cake for my husband’s birthday. How complicated could it be? It’s just cake and icing.
I thought I put my phone on the kitchen counter and follow the video instructions. The woman in the clip kept saying, You’re doing great, and doesn’t that look delicious? But my cake looked and smelled like rotten soup, and my kitchen fire alarm went off. Thankfully, the icing wasn’t tricky, so the cake didn’t look that bad. But when my husband took the first bite, his face scrunched up like he just bit into a lemon.
Then he started laughing. Thank you so much for the cake. He said, I love it, but Let’s go get one from a bakery. Yeah.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – I have a bit of a sweet tooth
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – Home Cooking
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – easy as pie

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