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Topic 1 – Woe is Me

Slow Speech -Topic 1 – Woe is Me
Native Speech – Topic 1 – Woe is Me

What’s wrong, Susan, you look miserable. Are you crying?
I have something terrible to tell you. I broke my iPhone.
Well, don’t feel too bad about that, Susan. You can take it to a store to have it fixed.
No, Sarah, I feel empty inside. And my contact list is empty, too.
I’m a little surprised you’re being so dramatic, Susan. You know what they say. It’s no use crying over spilled milk.
This is not spilled milk. This is a dropped iPhone. And now I have to buy a new one. But I’ve been saving my money for a vacation to Bali.
Well, what about buying a less expensive phone?
Oh, no way. If I buy a cheap phone, I won’t be as trendy.
I’m surprised that you’re worried about looking fashionable.
What do you mean? Why are you saying that?
Susan, maybe you should check a Mirror.
Oh, this is terrible. My shirt has a giant coffee stain on it. This is my favorite shirt, and I was planning on wearing it to dinner with John tonight.
Remember, Susan, don’t cry over spilled milk. Coffee stains on shirts or iPhones.
I feel empty. Everything I love is leaving me.
You are still going to see John tonight, right?
Oh, suddenly things are looking up.

Top 2 – Rock & Roll Feelings

Slow Speech – Topic 2 – Rock n_ Roll n_ Feelings
Native speech – Topic 2 – Rock n Roll n Feeling

Working together in groups is always challenging. There are as many personalities as there are people in the world. This makes playing in the Orchestra especially difficult. But as long as everyone does their personal best for the sake of the music, personalities can blend as beautifully and as naturally as the sounds of the instruments. Mic, for instance, plays the first violin, which totally fits his personality.
He’s extremely decisive and a little abrasive at times, but he’s a perfectionist. That probably explains why he’s being the First chair forever. Tommy is one of the best percussionists I’ve ever heard, but he is Super stubborn, and his inflexibility can be Super annoying because music is so precise in rhythm and timing. Billy, on the other hand, balances all of us out like the slide of his trombone. He’s even-tempered and easygoing, making everyone laugh when things get intense.
Fortunately, we have mary, who feels more like a mom than an Orchestra director. She’s like an emotional mind reader. She can sense our moods when we walk into the room. No matter what kind of day we are having. She knows how to pull us all together and unite us in our music.
She’s also incredibly sensitive, like me. One day she sensed I was agitated. I was I’ve been challenging Mick on the violin forever, but I’ve never moved up to First Chair. She picked up on it right away and encouraged me not to take things so personally, reminding me to stay out of my head. She said it’s about the music.
Get your ego out of the way and put your feelings into the music. The rest will take care of itself. She was right. At the end of the day, I’m proud of how well we work together as an Orchestra. We’ve also become better musicians and better people because of mary, which is probably why we’ve done so well as a group.

Topic 3 – Social Media Depression

Slow Speech – Topic 3 – Social Media Depression
Native Speech – Topic 3 – Social Media Depression

Your old high school classmate is getting married, your College friend is vacationing abroad, and you’re at home looking at their pictures online. How do you feel? Some researchers have coined the term social media depression to describe the feelings of jealousy and guilt that some people feel when they use social media too much. Researchers have actually coined a new pop-culture term that describes what happens to our emotional psyche from using SM too much. It’s called social media depression.
Instead of feeling more connected to people, we feel jealous and inadequate. It creates unrealistic expectations that lead to feelings of depression, which then leads us to disconnecting and isolating more. At least we’re becoming aware of this. Now, more and more researchers are recommending that people turn off their devices and social media altogether. They can get outside and connect with people face to face or with nature.
Damon john, the CEO and founder of the Shark group, even suggests we avoid checking social media for the first hour of the day. We can Center our minds on the things that matter. Most our personal relationships snap out of it. Put your device down and ask a friend to meet you face to face for an ice cream so you can talk. The key to overcoming this negative, evolving state of mind is to trust that you are good enough and perfect just the way you are.

Rapid Response – Topic 1 – Woe is Me
Rapid Response – Topic 2 – Rock n Roll n Feelings
Rapid Response – Topic 3 – Social Media Depression

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